Jake Fromm Could Be Causing A Seismic Shift In College Football


Food for thought: In 2017 Jake Fromm took the reigns at Georgia which resulted in the transfer of Jacob Eason to Washington. In 2019 Fromm’s tight hold on the starting job ended with Justin Fields transferring to Ohio State, which in turn has caused Ohio State quarterback Tate Martell to explore his options in the transfer portal. There is also an argument to be made that Fromm indirectly caused Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts (whose name is also in the portal) to get benched in the national championship game in favor of Tua Tagovailoa (although Kirby Smart, Georgia’s defense, and Mel Tucker probably deserve most of the credit for that).

Fields’ lawyer, Tom Mars, seems pretty confident that he’ll be able to get a waiver from the NCAA for immediate eligibility in Columbus. Not only does he think he can win, he believes that it will only take 6 weeks. Given this guy’s track record I don’t see any reason not to believe him. Which brings me to my hypothetical.

Say Martell transfers to another school (apparently he’s followed a few new people on twitter) and also gains immediate eligibility. This would be a task he would have to accomplish without the services of Mars, but the NCAA has been caving on this requests lately. If Martell and Fields both end up eligible after transfer there could be a continued chain reaction where quarterbacks at successive schools transfer one after the other. With the precedent of immediate eligibility already set at what point does the NCAA stop granting these waivers? Hurts could also cause a similar reaction if he ends up leaving Alabama.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if Martell’s entrance into the transfer portal caused the NCAA to rethink it’s recent lax position on transferring, which in turn caused Fields to have to sit out the 2019 season? It’s important to note that at this point, Martell can still return to Ohio State, and I’m sure Ohio State head coach Ryan Day would welcome him back if Fields can’t play.

Anyway, if all this were to go down Jake Fromm would become college football’s butterfly effect.

Here’s to the off-season.



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