Loophole For Paying College Athletes

An interesting development in the ongoing fight against the NCAA’s steadily diminishing case for maintaining amateurism has emerged. Apparently crowdfunding  payment for student athletes is a thing. I won’t go too far into the weeds, but this option could have staying power.

FanPay or any other company does not need an NCAA rule change or court decision that allows athletes to profit off their NILs (Names, Images, Likeness). All they need is a court decision that says only the student-athlete may enforce or protect their NIL rights.


After such a decision and assuming no change in NCAA policy, institutions could send whatever cease and desist letters they want but it would be much more difficult to threaten actual legal action. A crowdfunding site might then be able to use student-athletes’ names, images, and likenesses to run campaigns with impunity.

Is FanPay on track to put Jeffrey Kessler in their shadow? Jay Jacobs is probably kicking himself for not thinking of this years ago.




UGA sets aside money to pay athlete salaries

For anyone that missed this story last week. McGarity has already set aside $32 million just in case the NCAA loses the right to cap player compensation at COA. What was that all that about schools not having enough money to pay their athletes?

The Process costs UGA a 5 star recruit

Apparently Tracy Rocker isn’t the reason  that Aubrey Solomon didn’t sign with Georgia (also Rocker never had a dispute with Solomon’s mother).

Much more interesting to me is the quote from the kid’s mother (Sabrina Caldwell) about why he didn’t choose Georgia.

Caldwell said they were affected by the scholarship that was no longer there for 4-star Texas RB and longtime UGA commit Toneil Carter.
Adding to the confusion: SEC All-Freshman kicker Rodrigo Blankenship was not extended a scholarship offer despite what he did to win games for the Bulldogs last season.
She said that was not her family’s fight but that it was a factor into how they perceived UGA.
“We were concerned with the scholarship issues of those not either receiving (them) or getting it pulled and again (this was) not our fight but it played a factor,” she said.

Actions have consequences. Sometimes anyway.



Bad sign for dawg fans hoping UGA lands Solomon commitment?

I’m not into recruiting predictions and crystal balls because I don’t believe there is any way to know what is going on in a high school kid’s head. If the kid himself doesn’t know what school he’s going to then how can we expect some middle aged white dude in a golf shirt and cargo shorts to somehow read the runes and predict the future? Add to that how often the predictions are wrong, and it becomes somewhat of a waste of time to follow (admittedly I still indulge from time to time).

I digress. In my experience one of the best ways to guess where a kid will commit is to check which schools are working the hardest on backup plans. If the coaches at one program or another are spending a good deal of time on another prospect at the same position then that often means the coaches don’t like their chances of signing a kid. Seeing as how Georgia is running out of room for the 2017 class this makes me think that Aubrey Solomon is going to end up playing for the dark pink pachyderms.

Granted, I have done very little research on either kid. I’ll read a quote here and there, but I am certainly not “plugged in” as they say. Perhaps Coach Kirby is looking for serious depth on the defensive front, but given all the glaring holes at other roster spots Slaton feels like a back up plan.

I’ll be tickled dark pink if I’m wrong.



2018 Schedule Change?

Here is somebody much smarter than me saying the same thing I’ve been saying for a while. It seems pretty obvious that eliminating conference championship games (usually resulting in contests featuring unevenly matched division champions) and subsequently adding another playoff round is more sensible than the current format. Not to mention that the committee has already proven that they don’t put much weight into the conference championship games (as they shouldn’t).
“Conference championships, as currently devised, don’t make much sense. Because of imbalanced divisions, championship games often don’t pit the two best teams in a conference against each other.”
My thoughts exactly.
In addition, Silver’s flex schedule concept in this piece is brilliant. Basically, conference divisions are eliminated, early match-ups are determined by how teams finished in the previous season (best against worst), and the rivalry games are set for weeks 2,4 and 7. After that, teams are matched up based on record similarity hence yielding games with more evenly matched opponents and essentially eliminating the possibility of two really good teams in the same conference not playing each other during a given season.
This format could be a logistical nightmare for both teams and fans traveling to away games since they wouldn’t know who they would be playing from week to week, but I would be really interested to see this concept incorporated. It seems to make a great deal of sense, but we all know “the powers that be” have no interest in that sort of thing. Perhaps the broadcast money from more appealing games could entice them. Of course Silver’s schedule would not solve all arguments, but if 8 teams are in the playoff and all the good programs play each other then the outcry likely becomes a lot more muffled.
Who am I kidding? Bill Hancock always sticks to his guns, it’s just that the guns are always changing. The man is a true model for consistency.

Tennessee has the most annoying fans according to top 2016 recruits

If you know a sensitive Tennessee fan be sure to send this to them and observe as they ironically explain to you in depth that they don’t care about the opinions of 18 year olds. I know I did and it was FANTASTIC! Disclaimer: It gets really annoying after about 10 minutes, but it’s still worth it.


Butthurt condemnation from our Power T wearing friends aside, I find it noteworthy that over 11% of Under Amour All-Americans find the fans of a particular program to be more annoying than all the rest. It’s also nice to see which school has the best fan rating according to the poll, and by the same statistical margin no less.

In any case, Butch has his work cut out for him in making sure this information doesn’t distract the Vols from defending their 2016 Life Championship next season.

#BrickByBrick #VFL


“Did I make some dumb calls as a coach? Yeah.”

I’ve heard more than a few Georgia fans pine for Mike Bobo to take over the reigns in the event that Kirby Smart doesn’t pan out in Athens. Well, after back to back 7-6 seasons and the recent blowout loss in the Potato Bowl to a future FCS program, there is at least one Colorado State beat writer that would be much obliged for us to take him back. 

“Bowl failure and CSU go together like Mike Bobo and inflated salaries. $1.45 million? For what? Be glad you weren’t one of the 749 Rams who were suckered into buying a ticket to Thursday’s Famous Idaho Potato Bowl,”

Hasn’t this guy ever heard of S&P+ rankings? That was a joke. The final score was 61-50 which doesn’t seem too bad until you realize that CSU scored 36 points in the 4th quarter and still lost by double digits.

I’m not one to put much weight into meaningless bowl games, but that one has to sting a little. 


“You’ll be as good as a rookie as you’ll ever be”

While I don’t think it is wise to stay, I couldn’t ask for two better guys to represent the University of Georgia.

“Running backs don’t really last a long time in the NFL,” Chubb said late in the regular season. “Everyone knows that, but me, I worry about things going on right now. That’s not really a factor to me.”

“I have so much going on for me here at the University of Georgia that I would enjoy,” Michel said. “I want to finish strong here.”

Here’s to hoping they both go in the first round of the 2018 draft. They deserve it.